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Mediterranean Beach Games 2015 - 4 of us were there!


Last week Pescara has been the host city of 1st Mediterranean Beach Games. Finswimming was one of 11 sports, with 4 members of our team (3 finswimmers and our cocah) taking part. These are their results:

Dora Bassi, born 1993., Croatian team
200mono: qualification time 1.40:87 7th time>> final 1.40:40 6./11
400mono: qualification time 3.40:42 7th time >> final 3.39:03 5./11
2000bifins: 28m53:80 12./13
We remark that Dora 2nd and 3rd best time ever in both disciplines (counting qualification and final times), while Croatian records have been set by her in China, at World championship, a month ago.

Igor Žagar, born 1998., Croatian team
50apnea: 16:79, 12th / 17
100mono: 42:14, 13th / 16
50bifins: 22:59, 16th / 20
2000bifins: withdrawal

Marko Đurić, born 1989., Bosnian team
2000 bifins: 23m36:90, 5./19

Croatian team was completed by Luka Đurđ from Koprivnica, while Bosnian team by Aleksa Josic from Banja Luka.
We thank Croatian Olympic Committee, Olympic Committee of Bosnia-Herzegovina and organization of Pescara2015 for the support!

Full results at this link 

picture below, from left: Rubes Levada, Dora Bassi, Igor Žagar, Luka Đurđ