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Some milestones for Croatian finswimming


Our first medal ever in a World championship

2016 edition of CMAS World finswimming championship, held in Volos (Greece) 22th-28th June, has been the most successful participation of a Senior Croatian team.

Our team took part with 6 finswimmers (5 for Croatia, 1 for Bosnia and Herzegovina), our main coach (as team leader for both countries), along with 2 finswimmers from Šoderica club, who trained with us all the season. This is the report.

(CRO - Komet Zagreb)
Silver medal in 50bf
He qualified in the morning of 26th June with new Croatian record 18:98 which lowered again in afteroon final, setting it at 18:79.

(CRO - Komet Zagreb)
6th in 100bf (video)
7th in 200bf
He's been the first Croatian male finswimmer to enter a final with 100bf on 24th June with 42:65 (new NR), which he corrected to 42:55 in the afternoon final. The day after he qualified for 200bf in the morning with new NR, 1.38:0, while in the afternoon he could swim "only" 1.38:9, after a crazy start and his effort to lead the race until the end.
He also took part in 4*200, which arrived 10th with time of 6.35:64 (he swam as 2nd)

(CRO - Geronimo Zagreb)
12th in 800fs with new NR, 7.14:88, almost 14 seconds less than her previous national record (video)
17th in 200fs with 1.36:23, not far from her PB (1.36:05)
19th in 400fs with 3.30:41, new NR (video)
19th in 50fs with her new PB, 19:44 

(CRO - Komet Zagreb)
13th with 4*100sf with new NR 2.39:22 (he swam as 4th)
14th in 100bf with new PB, 43:82
16th in 50bf with new PB, 19:86
26th in 200bf with new PB, 2.01:34
35th in 50ap with new PB, 16:20

(CRO - Geronimo Zagreb)
10th with 4*200sf, 6.35:64 (he swam as 3rd)
13th with 4*100sf with new NR 2.39:22 (he swam as 2nd)
28th in 50sf, 18:00
35th in 100sf, 41:32
he got disqualified in 100im

(BIH - Komet Zagreb)
16th in 6000km long distance race - the race has been interrupted at 3000m due to bad weather conditions
24th in 200bf, 1.51:05

(CRO - Šoderica Koprivnica)
10th with 4*200sf, 6.35:64 (he swam as 4th)
13th with 4*100sf with new NR 2.39:22 (he swam as 1st, setting as well the new NR in 100sf with 37:84) 
16th in 50fs, with new NR 16:34
17th in 100im, with new NR 34:80
22nd in 100fs, with new NR 37:89
28th iin 50ap, with 15:64

(CRO - Šoderica Koprivnica)
10th with 4*200sf, 6.35:64 (he swam as 1st, setting his new PB 1.32:05)
13th with 4*100sf with new NR 2.39:22 (he swam as 3rd)
28th in 400fs, with his new PB 3.26:87
31st in 200fs, with his new PB 1.32:42